By Lindsey Bonte, Marketing Intern

David Workman is the Vice Chair of the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation (LCF), a non-profit organization and subsidiary of Lakeside Chautauqua. LCF is responsible for growing charitable giving to support Lakeside Chautauqua in accordance with its mission.

David Workman is married to Meredith and has four kids Jackson, Charlie, Ozzy, and Eve. He currently is the Vice President of BBS & Associates, an agency that specializes in fundraising for nonprofits.

Workman was asked to serve on the foundation board in 2021 and moved to the Vice Chair position the following session. He notes that it is a privilege to give his knowledge and professional experience to Lakeside and enjoys serving the community.

Workman is originally from Canton, Ohio, and attended the College of Wooster. He first visited Lakeside in 1998 and his wife grew up coming to Lakeside during the summers, working as a waitress at the Lakeside Hotel dining room during high school.

After having children and moving to Arizona, the Workmans decided to bring their children to Lakeside for vacation. They bought a house in 2015 and now spend multiple weeks in Lakeside each summer.

Once the Workman family touches down in Lakeside, the first thing they do is walk to the water and get Patio donuts the following morning. Some of their favorite things to do include pickleball, gardening, and attending God Squad and Middle Grade Madness.

“Lakeside is a connection to our roots in Ohio,” Workman said. “It’s a safe place for our kids to be kids and have that old-school summer – riding bikes and making friends. We look forward to it every year. It is steady and stable, a constant place for us.”

Workman emphasized the importance of having a culture of generosity in Lakeside.

“In order to sustain Lakeside and continue making improvements for the future, it will take intentionality, strategy, and commitment from the volunteers, the staff, and the boards. We need to band together in a culture of generosity,” he said.

His hope for Lakeside’s future rests on the ideals of sustainability and community. Workman hopes that his own great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to come to Lakeside and that future generations will enjoy the unique experience.

In order to do this, Workman believes that financial stability and room for growth are crucial to Lakeside.

“Lakeside needs to be affordable and accessible,” he concluded. “Giving to the Lakeside Fund helps make that possible. It happens through the generosity of Lakesiders.”

To give to the mission of Lakeside and support the Lakeside Fund, visit, call (419) 798-4461, ext. 246, or visit the Legacy House at 217 Walnut Ave. to speak with a member of the Development Team.